I check my business email only during work hours, which for me are between 2:00 PM and 6:00 PM EST, Monday through Thursday. Monday is my usual email day. Reading and answering email is a bigger, more intensive task for me than it is for most people, so I deal with it one day per week. That applies to initial email contact: if you're already working with me on some project, I'll respond to questions and send updates throughout my business week. Weekends are off-limit for work-related email. As I'm not an emergency worker of any sort (if you're looking to me for medical assistance or to fight a fire, you are definitely in the wrong place, please call the appropriate emergency service), it isn't an emergency, and it can wait until Monday.

Art Commissions

You'd like me to draw your character for an RPG or put together a character art sheet, perhaps?

If it's a simple commission you're looking for, I have a page set up on my Ko-fi page for that. Select one of the options on that page and fill out the description (attaching reference images is really helpful if you have any), agree to the terms (basically an outline of how long I expect to take for that type of commission), and then proceed to payment. I'll contact you once I've received the request and let you know I'm getting started.

Alternately, if your commission doesn't fall into one of those categories or for whatever reason you'd rather contact me directly, you can email me at morgan@morganbrynlees.com. It's still helpful to provide a description of what you're looking for and to attach any references you have. I'll ask any questions I have, quote you a price, and get started.


You're putting together a comic zine or an anthology of short stories or comics and you're wondering if I would participate?

There's a good chance I am interested, especially if the theme allows for science fiction or fantasy stories. Email me at morgan@morganbrynlees.com and I'll get back to you the next Monday.

Web Design

You've looked around at my websites or one of the other websites I manage and you're wandering if I'll build and maintain your website.

I certainly might, if we're talking either a hand-coded HTML and CSS site (like this one, or the site for Corner the Maze) or a WordPress site! That is one of the things I do, although I don't advertise it as much as the others because it's not my main creative focus. Email me at morgan@morganbrynlees.com and let me know what you're thinking of, whether you want a site built and maintained or just built, and what you/your company does, and I'll let you know if it's a project I can take on right now and quote you a rate.

Keep in Touch

Actually you just think I'm an interesting person who does interesting things and you want to know how to keep up with me. How to do that?

The best way is to sign up for my newsletter, Scattered Leaves which will get you updates on my big projects, announcements, and semi-regular musings. But if that's not your jam, you can also follow me on Tumblr or Mastodon. Tumblr is where I hang out and do whatever, so don't expect that to be particularly useful, but it's the place I'm more active. Mastodon gets updates, new artwork, and so forth posted, but little else. Tumblr, Mastodon, LinkedIn and Facebook are the only social media sites I'm on. If you think you see me on another one, it's not me. My Facebook page is a personal page; if you actually know me feel free to send a friend request, otherwise know that it will be ignored.